§ 18-4. Parking restrictions  

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  • (a) Parking restrictions on designated public rights-of-way. There shall be no vehicular parking in the dedicated public right-of-way areas within the limits of the city, except in those right-of-way areas which may be specifically reserved for parking purposes. This prohibition shall apply seven (7) days a week, and shall apply to:

    (1) Any street designated as a trafficway by the city commission; or

    (2) Any streets located within or contiguous to multifamily zoned properties; or

    (3) Any street or portion thereof where the chief of police finds that a temporary or permanent restriction on parking is necessary to protect the safety of the public.

    (b) Parking restrictions on unimproved private property. It shall be unlawful for any person, natural or corporate, to park any motor vehicle upon any unimproved private property unless that person shall have the written consent of the legal owner of said property. In any prosecution or trial of any person charged with violating this section, there shall be a rebuttable presumption that the alleged violator did not have the consent of the property owner in engaging in the prohibited conduct.

    (c) Parking restrictions on grass. Vehicles shall be required to park on paved or stabilized alternative parking surfaces. Parking shall be prohibited in all other areas.

    (d) Enforcement and penalties.

    (1) Violations; liability for payment of parking ticket violations. The owner of a vehicle cited for violation of this section shall be responsible and liable for payment of any parking tickets unless the owner can furnish evidence that the vehicle was, at the time of the parking violation, in the care, custody, or control of another person. In such instances the owner of the vehicle is required, within a reasonable time after notification of the parking violation, to furnish to the appropriate law enforcement authorities the name and address of the person or company who leased, rented, or otherwise had the care, custody, or control of the vehicle. The owner of a vehicle is not responsible for parking ticket violations if the vehicle was, at the time, stolen or in the care, custody, or control of some person who did not have permission of the owner to use the vehicle.

    (2) Ticketing procedure. Vehicles parked in violation of this section shall be ticketed by the Coral Springs Police Department, said ticket to be affixed to the offending vehicle.

    (3) Refusal to accept and sign citation or "notice to appear." Any person who willfully refuses to accept and sign a citation or "notice to appear" issued pursuant to this section shall be guilty of a separate violation and that person may be arrested by any law enforcement officer of the City of Coral Springs.

    (4) Penalty. A fine as provided in section 1-8.1 of the Code of Ordinances shall be assessed for each violation of this section. Should the responsible party elect to proceed in the court of competent jurisdiction, section 1-8 of the Code of Ordinances shall apply.

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